BBBL U11 (2013) First Stage Summary

BBBL U11 (2013) First Stage Summary










Last week (29.09-01.10.2023) we had the second smallest age group РU11 (2013), boys coming to Valmiera, Latvia to participate in first stage.

8 teams participated in the first stage from Latvia (5), Estonia (2), and Lithuania (1).

We think everyone can agree that it felt like DSN team from Riga, Latvia was in a league of their own. They were simply unstoppable and finished first stage 5-0, closest game for them being against team Tartu which they won 60-20. What are they doing differently in training process than other teams and is there any team that can show them some resistance in next stages? Guess, we will just have to wait and see…

Rest of the teams had very entertaining games and great experience. For couple of teams this was their first tournament and experience to stay overnight away from their home. All teams who participated in first stage, got at least 1 win, showing us that aside from DSN team other participating teams level was pretty similar to each other.

Final results for first stage:

1. DSN – 5/0

2. BVBS – 4/1

3. Tartu – 3/2

4. Visagino KM – 3/2

5. Viljandi SK – 2/3

6. Limbazi – 1/4

7. Basketbola klase – 1/4

8. Madonas BJSS – 1/4


On Saturday’s evening, just like in first two stages, coaches had a chance to show off their basketball skills to the young guns. We started with basketball classic – free throw shot and 3 coaches – Aleksandr Braznikovas (Visagino KM), Kristine Zuntnere-Fomina (DSN) and Rauno Tamm (Viljandi SK) were successful to make it to the second round. In second round coaches shot the 3 pointer and Aleksandr from Visagino KM team was the only one who made it, winning the coach contest.


U11 boys also participated in free-throw contest that was definitely one to remember! Every team played each other once in group phase, we had many overtimes, game winners and such fantastic emotions from the young players. DSN team was again, unstoppable in group phase winning everybody by at least 4-5 points and advancing to the semi-final round as first place. Viljandi SK and Tartu teams took 2nd and 3rd places in group, while home town Valmiera team made it out as fourth place. First semi-final game pair was DSN-Valmiera and for everybody’s surprise Valmiera team started the semi-final making first 3 out of 3 free-throw shots. This completely threw DSN team out of balance and for the first time it was DSN who needed to make a comeback, but Valmiera didn’t slow down and continued to make the free-throws, making it to the finals game. Second semi-final game was also very interesting, Viljandi team having the upper hand at the end. So, in the final game it was Valmiera-Viljandi. For all final game, it was never clear who was going to win. Valmiera made the free-throw, Viljandi made it right back. Final game went down to the wire, and Viljandi team ended up winning 6-5. Fun fact – they came to free-throw contest straight out of dinner. Ridzene team last season had the same situation in Kaariku – they went to eat dinner, we waited for them, they came and won it all. Is this the key to win free-throw contest?


Pictures from the contest:


Top-10 highlights for this week’s stage You will find here


Next stage for U11 boys is planned on 01.12-03.12.2023 in Visaginas, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia.


In U11 (2013) age group it is planned that 18 teams will participate:

Latvia (10) – Basketbola klase, BVBS, DSN, Ezerzeme-Rezekne, Jugla, Limbazi, Madonas BJSS, Marupes SC, Ridzene and Sigulda.

Estonia (4) – Tartu, Rakvere, Viljandi SK, Noo Spordikool

Lithuania (4) – Visagino KM, Mazeikiai, Ignalinos SSPC, Taurage BS


Last season for 2013 boys we had one Challenge Cup in Vinni, and the champions were team Ridzene who will participate starting from the second stage.

Finals stage is planned exactly where we started with U11 – 26.04-28.04.2024 – Valmiera, Latvia