BBBL U12 (2012) Second Stage Summary

BBBL U12 (2012) Second Stage Summary












Last weekend was officially the last BBBL stage of year 2023. Total of 25 teams came to Riga, Latvia to participate in the second stage for U12 (2012) boys. Teams from various countries attended, including: Latvia (9) – DSN, Cesis, AK Vef, Gulbene, BVBS, Ridzene-2, Ezerzeme-Rezekne, Talsi and Limbaži-Rujiena, Estonia (7) – KK Viimsi, Rae SK/Kiili SK, BC Kalev Cramo/KK Sokud, Altius, Keila BS, Tartu and Parnu, Lithuania (5) – KM Perkunas BS, Taurages BS, V.Knašiaus KM, KA Snaiperis and Ignalinos ŠSPC, Georgia (1) – BC Kutaisi, Ukraine (1) – Smart Basketball Academy, Finland (1) – LePy and from Poland (1) – AK Komorow. Big thanks from BBBL family to all the teams for coming to participate in such large numbers!


Now, let’s summarize the stage! We had 2 strong and very ambitious teams joining us from Lithuania who didn’t take part in stage 1. First team is well known for the teams who participated last season… of course, we’re talking about last season’s silver team – KA Snaiperis from Kaunas! Welcome back! Snaiperis team finished first stage with 3 wins in 5 games. Both games that they lost went down to the wire and are definitely worth re-watching. Amazing emotions, moments and great battles. On Saturday’s evening they lost a close one to BVBS team, 52-55. Unbelievable, but at the moment it’s the only win for BVBS team this season and it came right against Snaiperis team! On Sunday it was another very entertaining game for them – this time it was Lithuanian duel, where another fresh addition from Lithuania to BBBL on the second stage – V.Knašiaus KM team from Klaipeda won by 1 point 47-46, led by a crazy bank shot game-winner three pointer by Maksim Seryh. Just like KA Snaiperis, Knašiaus team looks like a very serious contender for the championship. They managed to stay undefeated, finishing the first stage 5-0. With teams KM Perkunas and V.Knašiaus KM, it was also AK VEF team from Riga who finished undefeated, winning 5 out of 5 games. Nice job!


After the second stage, looking at the standings we have 3 teams who haven’t lost a game. These teams are: KM Perkunas (10-0), V.Knašiaus KM (5-0) and the last one… DSN 2013 boys who finished second stage 4-0! DSN team, after very convincing and confident wins with their own age group tried their strengths playing against one year older group. Well, guess what. They didn’t lose in this stage too. DSN ended up winning Cesis, Parnu, KK Sokud and Viimsi teams. For KK Sokud and Viimsi, their only losses this stage came against DSN team. Applause and respect for the one year younger DSN guys!


Second stage results:

  1. KM Perkunas BS – 5/0
  2. Knašiaus KM – 5/0
  3. AK Vef – 5/0
  4. KK Viimsi – 4/1
  5. Gulbene – 4/1
  6. KK Sokud – 4/1
  7. Tartu – 4/1
  8. DSN – 4/0
  9. Taurages BS – 3/2
  10. KA Snaiperis – 3/2
  11. Limbaži/Rūjiena – 3/2
  12. Rae SK/Kiili SK – 3/2
  13. Ezerzeme-Rezekne – 2/3
  14. AK Komorow – 2/3
  15. Ignalinos ŠSPC – 2/3
  16. BC Kutaisi – 2/3
  17. LePy – 1/4
  18. Bertānu VBS – 1/4
  19. Altius – 1/4
  20. Rīdzene 2 – 1/4
  21. Parnu – 1/4
  22. Cēsis – 1/4
  23. Keila BS – 1/4
  24. Talsi – 0/5
  25. SBA – 0/5


In this stage, team LePy from Finland made their debut in BBBL. They ended up going 1-4, but were playing against the 4 strongest Lithuanian teams. We asked their coach Tomi Kaminen some questions:

1. The debut in BBBL for team LePy 2012 has been experienced! Looking at the results: 1 win and 4 losses. What were the expectations before the stage? How would You rate Your team’s performance? What can You take from these games moving forward?

We decided to participate in BBBL to play against higher level teams and see how things are done in Baltic countries. We expected to meet strong opponents and that happened for sure. I was amazed to see the level of some teams/players and although we went 1-4 in the tournament, I think we were able to compete with most of our opponents (except vs. Perkunas). Especially the Lithuanian teams were ahead of us in basketball IQ, size, outside shooting and physicality. Now we know better where to focus has to be in our future practices.

2. Please tell us a little bit about how is it going for Your team in Finland? Do You have youth championship games for 2012 boys? If so, how are You doing there? Did playing in BBBL felt any different than what You’re used to in Finland?

In Finland U12-teams play in regional leagues and majority of the teams are located in the capital area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa). Before Christmas we were undefeated (9-0), so it was a good reality check for us in Riga last weekend. The competition in FIN is not as intense and physical as it was in BBBL. The better players in BBBL are bigger, stronger and more skilled than they are in our country. We don’t set any screens yet, so it was a bit difficult to defend some screening actions we faced in our games in Riga. But it was beneficial for us to see where we stand against Baltic teams.

3. What’s the most memorable moment/s from the stage for You as a coach and what’s it for the children?

What really struck me was how dedicated some teams and players were. Their focus and decision-making during games was something that I didn’t expect from a 11–12-year kid. Most of my players also play other sports (ice hockey, football, skiing, gymnastics, cycling, aso.), so their mind set is not all about basketball. At Kalpaka gym I saw many Baltic players whose head was in the game, like little pro players.

4. Did You have any time for sightseeing or exploration in Riga, and if so, what were Your favourite places or attractions? Maybe some word/s that You learned in Latvian language during the time in Riga?

We had a chance to visit the Christmas marketplace in the beautiful old town of Riga and buy some Latvian souvenirs. We wanted to go watch Alexander Madsen (FIN) play with VEF Riga, but schedule was so tight so we couldn’t do it. Didn’t learn any new Latvian words, but this one I remembered – Paldies par visu! Thank you for everything!


This time, because of the 25 teams, we decided to make three Top-10’s from each of the gyms – Turiba, Kalpaka and Depo gyms. You will find them here:

Turiba gym:

Kalpaka gym:

Depo gym:


Next and final regular season stage for U12 boys is planned on 01.03-03.03.2024, again in the capital city of Latvia – Riga. Looking at the standings after the 2 stages, Top-8 teams are still very unknown. Third stage is up for great surprises! Of course, teams who do not get in Top-8, will be very much invited to the Challenge Cup. Top-8 finals and Challenge Cup will take place in Viimsi, Estonia, 24.05-26.05.2024.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody from Team BBBL!