BBBL U13 (2011) First Stage Summary

BBBL U13 (2011) First Stage Summary










Last week (13.10-15.10.2023) U13 (2011) boys came to Riga, Latvia to participate in first BBBL U13 stage this season.

18 teams from 6 countries (record so far this season) participated in first stage. We had 5 teams from Georgia, 5 from Estonia, 3 Latvian teams, 2 Sweden teams, 2 Lithuanian teams and 1 team from Finland! No surprises for everybody – both Lithuanian teams showed great results. Siauliai KA Saule and Mazeikiai finished first stage with 5 wins in 5 games. Tapiolan Honka team from Espoo, Finland was also excellent and went home undefeated. Rest of the teams results were pretty similar – all teams, except Keila won from 1 to 3 games. Overall, a lot of games in first stage were close, which is always fun and exciting to see in BBBL!

For many teams this was their first basketball tournament and experience abroad. This time we asked some questions to AIK Basket team manager Vladimir. Their club participated in BBBL for the first time ever!

1. How was Your overall experience in Riga, Latvia, participating in BBBL for the very first time?

The experience is very positive from all aspects of it (conditions, organization, competition) and we are planning to participate in the next stage.

2. Can you share your thoughts on the level of competition in BBBL compared to what you’re used to in Sweden?

Level of competition is very good and for our team is was a challenge to adapt to the intensity level of the game.  However we see it as a plus and are looking forward to play against new teams in the BBBL.

3. Which game from the first stage was the most memorable for You? Which game was it for the players?

Probably the first one against Kutaisi.  Everything was new to us and after slow start we managed to get back to the game and go over into overtime.  We did not manage to win the game but we gave all we had.

4. Did You have any time for sightseeing or exploration in Riga, and if so, what were Your favorite places or attractions?

Just one afternoon after day 2 we managed to walk around all town in Riga and have a meal with the team.


Top-10 episodes from U13 first stage You will find here:


Next stage for U13 boys is planned right after New Year – 05.01-07.01.2024 again in capital city of Latvia – Riga.


In U13 (2011) boys age group 24 teams total have registered from 6 countries:

Latvia (9) – AK Vef, Basketbola klase, BVBS, DSN, Ezerzeme-Rezekne, Jelgavas BJSS, Jurmala, Talsi and Sigulda

Georgia (5) – BC Kutaisi, BC Wings, Kutaisi, Tbilisi Basket and Zaza Pachulia BA

Estonia (4) – BC Kalev Cramo/KK Sokud, Keila BS, Kesklinna KK and KK Viimsi

Lithuania (3) – Mazeikiai, Siauliai KA Saule and Taurages BS

Sweden (2) – AIK Basket and Alvik Basket

Finland (1) – Tapiolan Honka


Last season’s champions in 2011 age group was team Talsi, silver team was Mazeikiai, bronze medals went to Bertanu Valmieras BS team while fourth place team was Tartu. Gold team Talsi just like bronze team BVBS are planning to start from second stage, silver team Mazeikiai is back and they haven’t lost yet… Tartu 2011 team is the only team from last season’s Top-4 that does not plan to participate in BBBL 2023-2024 season. Finals stage is planned in Kaariku, Estonia, 05.04-07.04.2024 – very well known place for most of the 2011 boys teams, as they played the finals and one regular season stage exactly there last season.