BBBL U14 (2010) Second Stage Summary

BBBL U14 (2010) Second Stage Summary












Last weekend we officially started second stage marathon in BBBL 2023-2024 season.

U14 (2010) boys were the first ones on list to start second stage.


Visaginas stage summary:

For the very first time in BBBL history stage took place in Visaginas, Lithuania, with 9 teams from 3 countries participating – 6 from Latvia (Basketbola klase, Jelgavas BJSS, Sigulda, Rujiena, Bertanu Valmieras BS, Talsi), 2 from Estonia (KK Viimsi/Kesklinna/KK/GAG, Rae SK/Kiili SK) and home-town team – Visagino KM. Results were really interesting. Biggest surprise from Visaginas stage? That would be the home team! Visagino KM went 6-0, finishing this stage undefeated. We remind that in the first U14 stage (Valmiera, 15-17 September), Visagino KM team actually ended up winless (0-5). Was it the home-court advantage, just a tough break/injuries/early season start in Valmiera stage… guess we will see in the next stages! Another great surprise from Visaginas stage was the new addition to BBBL this season – team Talsi. They are currently in the second division in Latvian Youth Basketball League, but as their coach said – this season’s plan is to make it to the first division. Talsi 2010 boys finished their first ever BBBL stage with 3 wins and 2 losses, losing to Visagino KM and Basketbola klase, but did manage to give team Viimsi their first loss this season who are 8-2 at the moment! And we can’t forget to highlight team Rujiena who also made their debut in BBBL this season. With just about 2’700 inhabitants living in Rujiena, they finished second stage with 3 wins in 5 games. Small city – big hearts!

Visaginas stage final scores:

  1. Visagino KM – 6/0
  2. Basketbola klase – 3/2
  3. KK Viimsi/Kesklinna/KK/GAG – 3/2
  4. Rujiena – 3/2
  5. Talsi – 3/2
  6. Rae SK/Kiili SK – 2/3
  7. Bertanu Valmieras BS – 2/3
  8. Jelgavas BJSS – 0/5
  9. Sigulda – 0/5


Riga stage summary:

At the same time, U14 second stage took place in capital city of Latvia – Riga. 13 teams participated from 4 countries – 4 from Latvia (Basketbola klase/BS Riga, Liepaja, BS Ogre and Pardaugava), 6 from Estonia (Viljandi SK, BC Kalev Cramo/KK Sokud, Rapla BS, Keila BS, KK Askus Jetoil/Orissaare and Tartu), 2 teams from Georgia – (BC Academy Tbilisi and BC Kutaisi) and 1 from Lithuania – Siauliai.

In Riga stage, we potentially saw one of the Top-3 candidates for 2010 boys this season. Of course, we’re talking about Basketbola klase/BS Riga! Looking at standings, it could have caused confusion because this team was 0-5 before second stage. Reason for that was because in Valmiera stage 2011 boys came to play as a replacement for the 2010 boys who couldn’t take part in first stage. However, this time, their coach Ilgonis Pilāgs, had taken his best players and finished the second stage undefeated (5-0). To summarize, how their stage went – closest game for them was against team Rapla who they beat by 22 points.

With 4 wins in 5 games went home team Viljandi SK, but this time it’s better that we will not show their result against Basketbola klase/BS Riga team… :)

Viljandi SK guard Bert Martin is currently sitting first at points per game for U14 boys (32.2 PPG). On the second game, versus BC Academy Tbilisi, Bert had an unreal performance – 54 points, 8 rebounds, 14 steals and 10 drawn fouls!!! All of this he did in just 24 minutes.

With Viljandi, also Ogre team finished with 4 wins. Their only loss was against team Rapla BS who finished their first BBBL stage in 2023-2024 season with 2 wins and 3 losses. It’s worth mentioning that Rapla team finished previous season with 14-1 record, losing just one game in finals stage, but that being a very important one not allowing them to play in Top-4.

And lastly, but not least – another great surprise and fun to watch team – Tartu boys. They also finished second stage with 4 wins, losing only the last game, which was a close one against Ogre (57-61). At the moment, Tartu team is third in standings with record 7-3. You wouldn’t guess, but last season, their record was 1-14! Their coach Esko Tonisson has done an impressive job in the summer!


Riga stage final scores:

  1. Basketbola klase/BS Riga – 5/0
  2. BS Ogre – 4/1
  3. Tartu – 4/1
  4. Viljandi SK – 4/1
  5. BC Kutaisi – 3/2
  6. BC Kalev Cramo/KK Sokud – 3/2
  7. BC Academy Tbilisi – 2/3
  8. Keila BS – 2/3
  9. Rapla BS – 2/3
  10. KK Askus Jetoil/Orissaare – 2/3
  11. Liepaja – 1/4
  12. Siauliai – 0/5
  13. Pardaugava – 0/4


Top-10 episodes from U14 second stage You will find here:




Next and final regular season stage for 2010 boys will happen in Valmiera, 19-21 January. After this stage, Top-8 teams will be known and everybody can start to prepare for the finals stage! It will also take place in Valmiera, 12-14 April. Teams who do not make Top-8, will be offered to participate in BBBL Challenge Cup.


Thanks to everybody participating and see You on the court soon!