BBBL U12 Tartu stage, Feb 3-5 2017

Last weekend, BC Tartu hosted the latest U12 stage in the Baltic Boys Basketball League. Eight teams, including the home team, attended, with participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

In the three days, all teams played 5 games, with the players gaining plenty in experience and matching up against foreign teams. Trying their skillset against others who perhaps play a different style of basketball is beneficial for every player’s progress and helps them become more versatile in their game. With a decent size crowd in attendance, the boys also got a feel for playing in front of an audience.

Two of the top 3 teams finished the Tartu stage with a straight record of 5 wins, but the Latvian DSN/Sporta Bode edged ahead Estonia’s TTÜ with a higher +/- score, +102 against +30. The hosts, BC Tartu, were in third place with 3 wins and 2 losses.







Instead of the all-star line-up, the coaches selected their best surprisers from the stage:

Sanderi Liukko- Masu Basket

Samuli Verttiainen- Espoo Honka

Davydas Zukauskas- ASKA

Niko Kordelainen- PuHu Juniors

Renars Sondors- Riia DSN

Karl-Erik Krillo- BC Tartu

Laur Maide- Keila KK Aksel Hakk- TTÜ


BC Tartu thanks all the participants for attending! We hope everyone went home with plenty of new game experience and an even bigger love for the game. A big thank you also goes out to the parents and friends who took the time to come see the games and cheer the teams on.

See you on court soon!


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